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Known to prominent figures or their spouses from the entertainment, business and professional sports communities, Daniel Lipschutz is recognized for handling complex and contentious family law disputes in matters pertaining to divorce, custody, complex division of assets, child and spousal support, paternity and business valuation. He is highly regarded for his financial and business acumen, keen sense of the divorce law governing the practice, experience litigating and negotiating countless high stakes divorce and family law matters, and the ability to get results for his clients while maintaining the sanctity and privacy of the family.

While a skilled divorce and family law litigator, Mr. Lipschutz’s primary goal is to assist his clients in resolving difficult family matters and helping them move forward with their lives in a dignified and respectful manner. Recognizing that not every situation requires a courtroom, Mr. Lipschutz resolves some cases through negotiation, as warranted by the particular circumstances of a case and the client’s individual needs.

His work regularly earns him praise for the ability to bring calm to the storm and for the individual attention, care and sensitivity he brings to each case. Mr. Lipschutz is renowned among his peers for his ethical standards and commitment to resolving complex legal issues with minimal conflict. In recognition for his excellence in divorce and family law practice, Mr. Lipschutz has been honored by Super Lawyers Magazine (awarded Super Lawyers Rising Star recognition consecutively each year since 2014) and is a frequent speaker on family law, business valuations, trial procedure, and the law.

Mr. Lipschutz is also firmly rooted in the New York City community where he lives. As a regular pro-bono volunteer lawyer for the New York City Women’s Bar Association and an associate board member of WhedCo, a community based non-profit organization in Bronx, New York, Mr. Lipschutz supports the local New York area through volunteer work and service.



New York



George Washington University, B.B.A., Finance and Marketing


Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law, J.D.



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